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Ginseng Concentrated Extract
Ginseng Concentrated Extract
Part Number: 039-060
Price: $27.71on sale
Reg: $36.95
Tienchi Ginseng
Tienchi Ginseng
Part Number: 038-842
Price: $26.21on sale
Reg: $34.95
American Ginseng (Panax quinquefolium)
Price: $29.21on sale
Reg: $38.95
Ginseng & Royal Jelly
Ginseng & Royal Jelly
Part Number: 038-288
Price: $23.21on sale
Reg: $30.95
Green Papaya Powder 5oz
Green Papaya Powder 5oz
Part Number: 360-350
Price: $19.13on sale
Reg: $25.50
Cyclone Cider 4 oz. Value Size
Cyclone Cider 4 oz. Value Size
Part Number: 202-205
Price: $22.46on sale
Reg: $29.95
Shower Gel - Gardenia (Tiare)
Shower Gel - Gardenia (Tiare)
Part Number: 654-780
Price: $9.71on sale
Reg: $12.95
Foaming Bath - Gardenia (Tiare)
Foaming Bath - Gardenia (Tiare)
Part Number: 654-770
Price: $11.21on sale
Reg: $14.95
Unscented 4oz - Coconut oil skin care (Good for Sensitive Skin)
Price: $8.21on sale
Reg: $10.95
Chinese Red Panax Ginseng Extractum
Price: $16.46on sale
Reg: $21.95
Chinese Red Ginseng
Chinese Red Ginseng
Part Number: 038-202
Price: $24.71on sale
Reg: $32.95
Korean White Ginseng
Korean White Ginseng
Part Number: 038-502
Price: $18.71on sale
Reg: $24.95

Only the finest ginseng root goes into Imperial Elixir Ginseng: We hand-select and pure-grind it, in the time-honored tradition. And unlike Ginsana--a so-called "standardized" product--only Imperial Ginseng gives you the total benefits. That's because pure whole root is the only way to experience the healthful properties of this amazing yang plant. 

With Imperial Ginseng you'll have 9 different ginseng products to choose from, rather than just one. And since ginseng is what we're all about, Imperial comes to you at approximately half the price of Ginsana. For purity, safety and effectiveness, use Imperial Ginseng... It's the difference in quality you can feel! 

Discover Imperial, it's in a class above the rest. You'll be buying the ginseng more people choose. In fact, we're so sure of our quality that we'll give you a 100% money-back guarantee

Imperial: they are the freshest, most potent ginseng capsules you can buy. 

Imperial Ginseng is available at all fine health-food centers. 

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About Ginco International Ginseng Chart

Our mission is not to copy other companies' products, but rather to fill the gaps and resolve the problems that are not currently being addressed in the marketplace. To fulfill this mission, we created a new company, GINCO International, in 1994 and began producing our own line of ginseng products under the brand name of Imperial Elixir.

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People whose bodily systems are balanced tend to enjoy long term health, stamina, energy, and resistance to disease. The Chinese model for this balance is the Yin/Yang scale. Yin is considered to be cooling and relaxing, while Yang is warming and stimulating.

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