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Cyclone Cider 4 oz. Value Size

Cyclone Cider 4 oz. Value Size

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Ginco International

The Legendary Cyclone Cider!!  Natures's Tonic & Old Fashioned Elixir

Cyclone Cider's power packed formula is a combination of 6 concentrated herbal extracts in a pure apple cider vinegar base.  

CAYENNE PEPPER -- High in vitamin C. Stimulating, astringent, promotes circulation.
GARLIC -- "Nature's Antibiotic." Supports the immune system.
ONION -- Garlic's buffer. Cleanses. Stimulates.
HORSERADISH ROOT -- Stimulating. Cleansing.
GINGER ROOT -- Benefits intestines and digestion. Stimulates.
PARSLEY -- A natural diuretic.

Starting to feel icky? Cyclone Cider is a strong preventive herbal tonic and cleanser. 

*Support of Immune system
*Daily promotion of health and circulation
*Relief from minor colds, sore throats, coughs, congestion and sluggishness
*Protect from exposure to cold weather, climate changes
*Throat tonic for singers, public speakers, etc..
*Cleansing programs, fasting, "morning flush"

Two dropper full per dose: Take it straight and whenever you desire.

Tip: Follow with a spoonful of honey to soothe a sore throat and sip down with a hot cup of lemon tea.

Flavorful: Also, great for cooking! Try it on foods! (soups, stews, salads, potatoes, rice, fish, etc) 

~Store in cupboard or refrigeration, shake well before use.
~Cyclone Cider is SELF PRESERVING~

About Ginco International Ginseng Chart

Our mission is not to copy other companies' products, but rather to fill the gaps and resolve the problems that are not currently being addressed in the marketplace. To fulfill this mission, we created a new company, GINCO International, in 1994 and began producing our own line of ginseng products under the brand name of Imperial Elixir.

People whose bodily systems are balanced tend to enjoy long term health, stamina, energy, and resistance to disease. The Chinese model for this balance is the Yin/Yang scale. Yin is considered to be cooling and relaxing, while Yang is warming and stimulating.