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Siberian Sport 5000 - Fomulated for Sports (Eleutherococcus senticosus)

Siberian Sport 5000 - Fomulated for Sports (Eleutherococcus senticosus)

CODE: 038-830

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Imperial Elixir

Siberian Eleuthero is a superior tonic herb, shown to be effective for athletes and active people for supporting their levels of energy, stamina and endurance. Because Siberian Eleuthero roots are too hard to assimilate, we process our roots into a liquid extract which is dried into a concentrated powdered extract. It takes 10 pounds of pure roots to make one pound of our 10:1 concentrated extract powder which is much more easily absorbed for better nutritional support. The Sport 5000 is our most potent Siberian Eleuthero product. Siberian Sport 5000 for Sports -- Each capsule contains 500mg of Siberian Eleuthero 10:1 concentrated root extract powder equivalent to 5000mg of raw material.

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Our mission is not to copy other companies' products, but rather to fill the gaps and resolve the problems that are not currently being addressed in the marketplace. To fulfill this mission, we created a new company, GINCO International, in 1994 and began producing our own line of ginseng products under the brand name of Imperial Elixir.

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People whose bodily systems are balanced tend to enjoy long term health, stamina, energy, and resistance to disease. The Chinese model for this balance is the Yin/Yang scale. Yin is considered to be cooling and relaxing, while Yang is warming and stimulating.

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